Sunday, 22 September 2013

Glittery tealight holder tutorial.

Today I thought I'd show you all how to make these very sweet glittery tea light holders.

I love these little tea light holders as they look amazing - the glitter reflects the flames making it very bright and sparkly. You can't really go wrong with these, they're so easy and also inexpensive to make. They would make for a lovely home made gift for someone this Christmas!

 You will need

 A glass jar

 PVA glue mixed with some water


 The fist step is to pick your glass jar. It can be any size you like, but of course must be wide enough for you to fit the tea light in. You can buy glass jars in lots of shops, but the cheapest option is to recycle what you already have! Take a look in your cupboard and see whats there - most people have lots of jam jars, jars of pickles, mayonnaise, beet root etc. I picked this little jar that had chillies in it. You will need to empty the contents and give the jar a good wash. Don't throw the lid away just yet as you will want to use this later.
Remove the label, use a little soap and hot water if your finding it difficult to remove.
Your jar is then ready to use! In a small bowl mix together some PVA glue and water. I used approximately 50/50 of each. Paint the inside of the jar with the glue. You want to make sure all of the inside of the jar is coated so that the glitter sticks.
Then, tip in some glitter! I poured in approximately 2 table spoons. Put the lid back in the jar and give it a good shake until the glitter has completely covered the inside. Once the jar is covered you can remove the lid and tip any excess glitter out of your jar.
Leave to dry over night. Once dry, turn it upside down and shake off any further excess glitter. Then just pop in a tea light and enjoy!


katysewell12 said...

This is a really cute holder! I want to buy a few cheap tea light holders to put around my house. I think it would make my living room look so cool!

Peter Thomson said...

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